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The ZPE Dynamo (prototype under construction)

The enormous potential of PNN is not limited to space transport: it is in fact possible to use dipoles to create an electric generator theoretically capable of producing more energy than it absorbs. A similar generator, put bluntly, could replace any system used today to produce electricity: coal-fired plants, nuclear plants, solar panels, they would all become a thing of the past.

As shown in Figure 1, the ZPE Dynamo has no stator but only a rotor with two arms at the ends of which two PNN dipoles Z1 and Z2 are hooked. Once powered, although the input energy remains constant, the dipoles will produce a progressively increasing rotational movement. At first, the ZPED will be able to supply mechanical energy to a traditional dynamo  (not present in the diagram).

Since the PNN thrust graph in Figure 2 shows an increasing trend over time despite the supply energy remaining constant, it means that the rotation will tend to increase in speed or frequency over time and therefore also the energy transmitted to the traditional dynamo it will increase over time. At some point the energy generated by the traditional dynamo will be greater than that used to operate the ZPE Dynamo, that is the so-called overunity will have been reached. This excess energy can be considered as extracted from the vacuum, obtained by exploiting the particularity of the unforeseen physical phenomenon underlying the PNN that has only experimental origins without theoretical interpretations which could currently be misleading.


For us ASPS the experiment comes before any theoretical interpretation


A further  demonstration (and improved) prototype is currently under construction.

Technical details and photos will be published later.


In Figure 3 the current prototype. The setup of dipoles Z1 and Z2 have been hidden to protect the know-how 


Spectators of PNN tests who have seen the rotation of the stator-less ZPED 



We accept collaborations and help that allow us to shorten the times of the following exploration and colonization program for both Moon and Mars.

The PNN propulsion allows the spaceship  to leave whole and return whole with a full load of minerals unlike Artemis 1 which only 0.3% of the spaceship made a single lap around the Moon while 99.7% of the dustbin (vector rocket) was lost.


Here is the timeline of PNN colonization program for the Moon and Mars:


Phase 0 : Appropriate preparatory tests with PNN thrusters and PNN Dynamo as operational electrical generator of the PNN


Phase 1 :  Deliver a PNN probe into Earth orbit with take-off from the ground and remotely controlled for C2 dynamics:  Command and Control of the PNN and in particular for tests on thrust, braking and attitude timing


Phase 2: Construction of a real manned spaceship to the Moon and Mars that allows the identification of the most suitable places to set permanent bases


Let believers in rockets continue in their ridiculous and illusory enterprises which for over half a century (Apollo 11) have been manifestly unable to even colonize the Moon, but instead they only produce film projects and media publicity of what they should do and are not realistically capable to do …. In addition to super fireworks (April 2023) of large dustbins like Starship passed off as successes.


ESSENTIAL NOTE: Those who really collaborate on this project will be able to experimentally see in ASPS Labs that we are not charlatans or rather that the basic elements for realizing it do actually work: PNN thrust and PNN dynamo as an electric generator. The large aerospace organizations that we have approached in the past have lost all the features that could help PNN so they are no longer needed. No one will prevent them from setting up bases on the Moon and Mars with the magnificent means at their disposal: rockets.


…and may the best win

dipoli z1 z2 assettocens.jpeg

Anyone wishing to contribute to the development of the ZPED project and PNN can help us with a donation by clicking on the gofundme logo below

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