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The most surprising thing about PNN is not the violation of the Newtonian principle of action and reaction (which has long been predicted by other scientists if the Lorentz Force is used), but the CHANGE of Newton's LAW OF MOTION.
All this is described at an experimental level in 14 pages of Nova Astronautica (ISSN: 0393-1005), the official organ of the ASPS in n.178 Vol.43 2023.
We will send a paper copy of these 14 pages containing experimental data at a cost of 26 euros shipping included.

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Note that the change in the law of motion and the law of inertia through Non-Newtonian Propulsion is essential to colonize the Moon, Mars and Earth-like worlds light years away since the PNN bypass all the apparent obstacles that Newtonian and relativistic mechanics pose to human expansion over time in the cosmos.
These experimental data (VERIFIED SEVERAL TIMES) demonstrate that the thrust of a PNN-propelled spaceship can be incredibly increased OVER TIME with the same power used, inevitably exceeding the speed of light.

Nova Astronautica
A unique magazine to change the failed colonization of the Moon and Mars with Missile Engineering. The colonization of the Moon and Mars with rockets has been continuously postponed FOR DOZENS OF YEARS!   While the diversionary launch of 50 satellites a day which will be rubbish at around 400 km above sea level, is enormously amplified by the colluding media.
Nova Astronautica is the official ASPS journal. All issues starting from 1981 can be found at Legal deposit of Nova Astronautica at the National Central Library of Florence

FEATURES FOR ALREADY PUBLISHED VOLUMES OF NOVA ASTRONAUTICA FOR RESIDENTS OF ITALY   ;:Vol.43 2013 90 euros; Vol.42 2022 85 euros; Vol.41 2021 80 euros; Vol.40 2020 80 euros; Vol.39 2019 81 euros; Vol.38 2018 81 euros; Vol.37 2017 82 euros; Vol.36 2016 83 Euro; Vol.35 2015 84 Euros; Vol.34 2014 85 Euros; Vol.33 2013 86 Euro;Vol.32 2012 87 Euro;Vol.31 2011 88 Euro; Vol.30 2010 89 Euros; Vol.29 2009 90 Euro; Vol.28 2008 91 Euro; Vol.27 2007 92 Euros; Vol.26 2006 93 Euro;Vol.25 2005 94 Euro; Vol.24 2004 95 Euros; Vol.23 2003 96 Euros; Vol.22 2002 97 Euros; Vol.21 2001 98 Euros; Vol.20 2000 99 Euros; Vol.19 1999 100 Euros; Vol.18 1998 101 Euro, Vol.17 1997 102 Euro; Vol.16 1996 103 Euro; Vol.15 1995 104 Euros; Vol.14 1994 110 Euros; Vol.13 1993 111 Euros; Vol.12 1992 112 Euros; Vol.11 1991 113 Euros; Vol.10 1990 114 Euros; Vol.9 1989 115 Euros; Vol.8 1988 116 Euros; Vol.7 1987 117 Euro;Vol.6 1986 125 Euro; Vol.5 1985 135 Euros; Vol. 4 1984 145 Euros (Photocopy or Reprint); Vol.3 1983 155 Euros (Photocopy or Reprint). ; Vol.2 1982 180 Euro (Photocopy or Reprint). ;Vol.1 1981 300 Euro (Photocopy or Reprint).

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