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ZPED Zero Point Energy Dynamo ZPED construction scheme + 0.001% of patent share NewCondition 12000000.00
In Stock
ZPED Zero Point Energy Dynamo Nova Astronautica 2023 (n.175, n.176, n.177. n.178) + distintivo ASPS NewCondition 150.00
In Stock
ZPED Zero Point Energy Dynamo Un numero di Nova Astronautica pubblicato dal 1982 fino al 2022 + un distintivo ASPS NewCondition 100.00
In Stock
ZPED Zero Point Energy Dynamo Un numero di Nova Astronautica + un distintivo ASPS NewCondition 50.00
In Stock

The construction technique  of the ZPED   Zero Point Energy Dynamo is based  on the PNN patent.  With this resource we will be able to build the PNN spaceship for Mars without depending on other companies that build ruinous rockets that have not been able and are not able to colonize anything as the result of the physical principles due to the temperature of the gases used for propulsion but have been insisting for decades with the broken promises of colonies on Mars and the Moon. Unfortunately, people passionate about astronautics today are confused by this kind of information.


The purchase options are as follows:

12.000.000 Euro : ZPED construction scheme, grant of 0.001% of the patent ELECTROMAGNETIC PROPULSION SYSTEM FOR SPACECRAFT MOVEMENT WITHOUT THE EMISSION OF REACTION MASS with whose concepts the ZPED is built (only up to a maximum of 12% of the entire patent), Nova Astronautica 2023 issn: 0393-1005 , and a previously published volume, plus the ASPS badge


150 Euro : Nova Astronautica 2023 (n.175, n.176, n. 177. n.178) + ASPS badge


100 Euro : An issue of Nova Astronautica published from 1982 until 2022 + an ASPS badge


50 Euros : a number of Nova Astronautica + an ASPS badge

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