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For the purpose of a project to a PNN expedition to Mars two groups N1 and N2 will be initially formed as follows.

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PNN EXPLORERS N1 primary group: maximum 10 positions (with experimental demonstration of PNN F432BA or replacement prototype). Each member will be given 1% of patent share limited to the Italian patent.

Secondary group N2 100 positions each in groups of 10 subordinates to the primary group who will be under the direction of N1. Each N1 will program the actions of 10 N2s


It is necessary to form a front of experts who, through the media, propose to divert public funding from failed rocketry that will never colonize anything to the enhancement of the PNN! It is also necessary detailed knowledge of the habitats of the ISS Station, of Kilopower-type nuclear reactors and solar panels (information that PNN Explorers will have to provide). For example, the life support system of the International Space Station  Unfortunately, the organization has a cost beyond the inevitable organizational effort.


Why the term PNN Explorers? Because Group N1 of PNN Explorers will be able to see directly in one of our laboratories the experimental test which demonstrates that propulsion without reaction mass ejection is a reality!  Rocket propulsion with its inevitable loss of mass was the main reason that caused the failure of Mars ONE and also the lack of colonization of the Moon for half a century . The direct vision of the PNN test has an experimental preparation cost and is not done to put on a show but to search for and convince more people who are already motivated. 

In a broader view:


  • We need to upgrade the existing with a PNN prototype more powerful than F432BA equipped with a nuclear reactor or solar panels as primary electrical power source and the C2 (Command and Control thereof) in Earth orbit certainly cannot be done with an amateur transceiver.
  •  In perspective the  Martian bases will have to be constantly supplied by continuous PNN voyages from Earth, something impossible for rocketry if not lethal for the passengers of the rocket.
  • PNN Martian Bases  must be built where there is water!
  • The idea is to reach the Korolev crater on Mars where we will dig tunnels in the walls of ice: the ice will give us protection from cosmic radiation, as well as supplies of water and air. We will also dig environments for greenhouses where to grow plants for nourishment. Constant supplies from Earth possible thanks to PNN will take care of the rest. 
  • We do all this because rocketry has largely proven slow and ineffective for long-range initiatives and this has led to a decades-long state of inaction. Despite this, astronautics is reluctant to abandon the status quo of rocket propulsion but PNN was born to overcome all this.
  • The future PNN spacecraft for Mars will be contained in a cube of water for protective for travel from Earth to Mars and vice versa since the PNN can carry any amount of materials if equipped with an adequate number of nuclear reactors and their PNN thrusters.
  • Mars is colonized only by carrying the thousands of tons that rockets cannot carry because they are physically not suitable.
  • Adequate quantities of terrestrial materials are needed to build outposts to live in, start mining activities, build greenhouses to grow plants and mainly to start building industries on Mars!
  • The thermal dissipation of the Kilopower will be excellent for keeping the protection and drinking water at the right temperature and graduated according to the necessities.
  • Water can be used for protective purposes, primarily not to be browned and irradiated by cosmic radiation on the journey to Mars and during its exploration while remaining protected by the Korolev glacier

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