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Purchase of F432BA propulsion systemof which an experimental demonstration will be given before the sale

  1. prototypeF432BA

  2. scale for measuring the thrust, includes a Kern battery scale with 1 milligram resolution, an USB cable in optical fiber and an optical sensor

  3. SWR and impedance vector analyzer (or equivalent) and lithium battery charger

  4. 10% share of international patent valid in USA and Italy

  5. Permission to reproduce the F432BA prototype and sell it with 25% royalties to ASPS

  6. PNN lessons to ensure complete C2 (command and control) of F432BA


F432BA as thruster is applicable to satellites for attitude control and orbital change in complete replacement of ion propulsion. It can also be used to rescue satellites that are no longer able to maintain their orbit due to chemical rocket thruster failure and also as a way to collect in one place the orbital junk left by chemical propulsion.


F432BA buyer will need to insure his commitment in enhancing PNN to reach an operational PNN unit Star4 in  star configuration (4 PNN thrusters)  for activities in Earth,Lunar and Martian orbitThe complex information for its construction are included in the sale. 
The buyer will then have the magnificent task of starting, through massive marketing, the scrapping of missiles starting with ion propulsion.

Anyone who can put us in contact with a potential buyer will be paid 10% of the proceeds from the sale in the event of a purchase.

pnn-demonstration-space-thrusters pnn-demonstration-space-thrusters pnn-demonstration-space-thrusters pnn-demonstration-space-thrusters pnn-demonstration-space-thrusters
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